Why Choose China?
For adventurous types looking for excitement and an unforgettable cultural experience, China is one of the world's most rewarding destinations. With a diverse landscape, some of the world's most famous landmarks and written history of over 3000 years, there is no better place than the Middle Kingdom to live and experience a new culture.
Travel and Explore
China boasts 48 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including:
The Forbidden City
Old Town of Lijiang
The Sichuan Panda Sanctuaries
The Potala Palace in Lhasa
Natural wonders
A backpacker's dream, China is home to some of the world's most astonishing travel destinations
The Five Great Mountains
Jiuzhaigou Valley
Tiger Leaping Gorge
Immerse yourself in a new culture
While here you will have the chance to try new things. Many teachers take the opportunity to study Mandarin while others fill their free time with activities such as Chinese gongfu (kung fu) , calligraphy, ink brush painting, and archery. There are also opportunities to take cooking classes, watch traditional Beijing Opera or just sit in a park and listen to people playing traditional Chinese instruments like the er hu or shu di.
Chinese Food
One of the best parts about living in China is the food! Food is an integral part of Chinese culture and varies widely by region. There's an unparalleled range of choices - from hearty dishes in the north, fiery spices of Sichuan Province, exotic fare in Guangdong Province, and mild, fragrant flavors of Shanghai, there is something for everyone!
Low Cost of Living
A quick breakfast or lunch
A meal in a nice restaurant
Bus fare
Taxis fare
A Subway token
Two giant bags full of groceries
A domestic beer in a pub
Mobile phone and internet
Daily Total
CNY 6 - 10
CNY 20 - 30
CNY 1 - 2
CNY 7 - 15
CNY 3 - 5
CNY 80 - 100
CNY 5 - 25
CNY 50/mo.
CNY 100-200/mo.
CNY 50-200
Teachers are in high demand
While most Western countries are in an economic slump, China is growing at a rapid pace - in fact, recently it has become the world's second largest economy. This means your skills will be in high demand - universities, public schools and English training centers all over the country are looking to find native English speakers for full and part-time employment . Foreigners find the lifestyle in China is very comfortable - plus, teaching is a fun and rewarding job! You can earn a good wage and save money while doing something you love!
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