ESL Suite exists for one reason: To help teachers find meaningful work in China. We're serious about finding you a job that will meet your criteria exactly, and pride ourselves in being professional, friendly and prompt. But don't take our word for it - see what other teachers have to say about ESL Suite:
Alex - Teaching English in Shenzhen
The process of looking for a job abroad for the first time can be very stressful and intimidating. You’re not sure where to look, who to trust, nor do you know what all exactly you need to do. It took me quite a few days of researching multiple websites, contacting recruiters, and even dodging some shady recruitment companies! When I came across the ESL Suite website, I found it to be a lot more reputable than the majority of other sites I’ve seen. And once I was contacted by Chris, I immediately knew I made the right choice. Chris was always available to answer whatever questions I had for him. His responses were prudent and given in a timely manner, and he was so easy to talk to! Thanks to his outstanding efforts, I'm teaching at a middle school surrounded by awesome colleagues and students, tons of beaches, and am finally living my life-long dream of living abroad. You’re one in a million Chris - cheers!
David - Homeroom Teacher in Beijing
Chris and ESL Suite were instrumental in helping my family and I find a great teaching opportunity at a wonderful international school in Beijing. His dedication and professional demeanor went a long way. He found us a western managed international school. It has been a great placement, and the school has been extremely accommodating for our large family. The visa process was daunting at times, but he was available every step on the way to help navigate the difficult process. Another factor that added to the difficulty was we processed our documents from Saudi Arabia. It did not matter though, as Christopher helped make it happen. I would highly recommend Christopher and ESL Suite for a smooth relocation experience overseas.
James - Teaching ESL in Xiamen
I highly recommend ESL Suite to anyone who is looking to undertake the adventure of teaching English abroad. ESL Suite provided fantastic employment opportunities, even though I am new to teaching and have no experience. They were always available to help with information or to assist with parts of the process which were challenging. Nerves are a big part of the experience for new teachers, and they put me completely at ease with their reassuring and knowledgeable approach. If you are looking to find a job which suits your skills and lifestyle requirements, look no further.
Edward - Kindergarten Teacher in Shenzhen
Chris and ESL Suite are definitely the best and safest way to get into TEFL and find a decent job. Unfortunately, TEFL is surrounded by unreliable websites, and people trying to take advantage of foreigners in a foreign country. By going through Chris via Skype, we were connected to a reputable employer in Shenzhen. They helped loads with the moving process, and if I had any questions, Chris was always there to help out. The kindergarten I work in is fantastic - the hours are good, and the classes are small and short so the kids really benefit from it!
Jean-Claude - Teaching English in Shenzhen
Finding a TEFL job in China was so easy due to Chris and ESL Suite. I applied to his company and got such a quick response with an interview. Their professionalism, quick response to any queries and welcoming supportive structure made everything so easy and put my mind at ease. I did a lot of research before coming and heard a lot of horror stories but my mind was always put to ease after having a chat with them. I currently teach in Shenzhen and I am so glad that I took their sound advice because I love what I do! Thank you Chris and the team for helping me find this job and always being there to support me!
Max and Julia - Teaching EFL in Tianjin
Hey guys! We would really like to appreciate the work and effort of ESL Suite and Christopher himself, whose professionalism and reliability made us change our lives and move to China. During the process, he always was in touch so we could feel his support. We are very grateful for the company's help and we would highly recommend it to anyone planning to teach in China!
Asmeeta - Teaching English in Nanjing
Thanks to ESL Suite and Chris I was placed at a really amazing school in Nanjing. Chris was extremely helpful and guided me throughout the entire interview process. It was definitely a pleasure to work with him, and I would recommend ESL Suite any day!
Reece - Teaching English in Beijing
My experience with ESLSuite was fantastic! They were indispensable, and are exactly the kind of company I want by my side when searching for work abroad. Their professionalism was very reassuring and made me feel at ease whenever changes arose. I am glad I put my trust in them and have them to thank for my current position. THANKS GUYS!
Ian - Teaching Kindergarten in Shangai
When I was looking into moving to Shanghai I was in contact with numerous recruiters. From my experience, Christopher was easily the best and this was evident in the interviews and the eventual job he helped me secure. There are a lot of recruiters which are charlatans and expect to do no legwork and cash an easy paycheque. Those recruiters promised the world and delivered little to nothing. Christopher never promised what he couldn't deliver, and he was working my case immediately. You'll be in safe hands with ESL Suite.
Chris - Teaching English in Nanjing
My partner and I chose China as our destination to continue our teaching careers, but had no idea where to start! There were lots of jobs available, but there were also lots of horror stories. It was getting very stressful, and we started to panic. This all changed when we came across ESL Suite and spoke to Christopher, who quickly put our fears at ease. He actually listened to us and what we were looking for - we were impressed with the professionalism from the beginning. We have now been in China for 3 months and are enjoying every minute of it. We highly recommend ESL Suite and Christopher to get you your dream job in China!
Harlee - Teaching ESL in Shenzhen
Finding a job in China with Chris was such a good experience due solely to him being supportive, helpful and patient. I was open to anywhere in China and couldn’t narrow it down to one place. We had a long chat and Chris asked me the things I liked and he then gave me a handful of options along with his recommendations and it made choosing my new hometown much less stressful. This decision could have been the ‘make or break’ factor to enjoy living in China, and Chris’ recommendation has not let me down at all. I love being in “small town” China, near the beach yet also near a large city and Hong Kong. These first few months in China have been a blast, thanks to Chris and his professionalism and eagerness to help find a suitable position. I would definitely recommend ESL Suite when looking for a job in China.
Megan - Teaching English in Shenzhen
Working with ESL Suite was the greatest decision I've made to date! They posted a job package that I thought was too good to be true, until I found out it wasn't. I thought there would be no way I could have a teaching job with as many benefits as described. On top of that, I am working at the absolute greatest school. ESL Suite was exceptionally fast at getting me an interview and job offer - literally 3-days. Their efficiency definitely needs to be noted! Not only that, but Christopher was extremely professional and honest. He didn't try to sugarcoat anything, and genuinely wants new teachers to know exactly what it's like to live in China. I'm beyond happy I worked with them. because my job couldn't be better even if I designed it myself!
Brandon - English Lecturer in Yulin
I was very happy with the services of Christopher and ESL Suite. They quickly placed me with a school that was a terrific match for me. My preference in schools was very specific, and on their second suggestion, we found exactly what I was hoping for. They continued to be kind, helpful, and attentive. I confidently recommend their services.
Ellie and Connor - Teaching English in Jinhua
We were in contact with a lot of recruiters when we started our job hunt for a teaching position in China. ESL Suite was the only recruiter who genuinely wanted to find the most suitable positions for me and my boyfriend, rather than pushing jobs onto us. Their main interest was our job satisfaction and happiness. Christopher, unlike other recruiters, arranged a video chat with us. He would ask us about our interests, the type of positions we were looking for as well as the location. I cannot emphasize enough how much we appreciated this. ESL suite took the time to learn more about us, and then tailored jobs in accordance with our preferences. Throughout the duration of our job interviews, Christopher would readily keep contact with us, and chase things along if needed. ESL Suite’s integrity and support is one of a kind; I highly recommend this agency for anyone looking for teaching positions in China.
Angela - English Teacher in Zhengzhou
My husband and I were interested in teaching overseas, so we could gain more experience and culture while we shared our knowledge. However, our searches online were discouraging. Upon connecting with ESL Suite, they quickly and professionally found us a placement with a school. Within days we had an interview and a job offer for a large organization. Christopher's willingness to help us throughout the process of applying for visas, answering all our questions, and getting ready for our journey made us feel much more comfortable with our move to China. Christopher was a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend ESL Suite to anyone looking for fulfilling work and a new adventure!
Charlise - English Teacher in Beijing
Moving to China was probably the most daunting, yet bravest thing I've ever done. Picking up your life and moving it across the globe is not easy, but I've found that some people are there to make this transition a bit smoother. ESL Suite helped me every step of the way, and answered all my questions (I had a lot).

I'm loving my city, the school, and the children! So far, I've been pleasantly surprised by China, as well as the support I've received from Christopher and ESL Suite.

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity that you have provided, not just for me, but a lot of people from all over the globe - keep up the good work!
Nicola - English Teacher in Nanjing
When my partner and I decided we wanted to come to China, we didn’t know where to start. Luckily we found ESL Suite online. We spoke to Chris, who was really helpful and professional. He put our mind at ease about the big move to another country, and answered all the questions we had. He found us an amazing job which we are loving, and feel that it is the right job for us. Our anxiety about moving was put at ease and we felt in confident hands knowing that we were not being scammed. Speaking to someone with knowledge about both living and teaching in China was both helpful and insightful. Unlike other recruiters, Chris was really laid back and understanding, never pushy, and happy to help in any way he could. I couldn’t recommend ESL Suite enough, it helped make our process of moving to China much easier and smoother.
Miles - ELA Teacher in Shanghai
I found Chris to be informed, efficient, and keen to help find me the job I was looking for. Although the process was arduous - and involved navigating changing circumstances, requirements and locations - Chris was never less than supportive and helpful. His advice was also crucial at a time when it looked like a bureaucratic problem would derail my career, and I have no doubt that his good council was the reason it did not. I would recommend his services to anyone.
Tanisha - English Teacher in Xi'an
I don't think they get any better than this! ESL Suite is an amazing company and they are very efficient, I would recommend anybody to use their services! From the bottom of my heart, I would like to personally thank Christopher for his professionalism and hard work. He puts in more than he needs to and it makes one feel very at ease. He went over and beyond to help me, and often follows up to check that everything is alright. He is very dedicated to his job and the people he helps. I often contact him when I need advise and he is always willing to help to the best of his abilities. Thank you ESL Suite and thank you Chris!!
Marlene - EFL Specialist in Guangzhou
Kia Ora! as an EFL Specialist teaching in Asia for fifteen years, ESL Suite is an oasis in a desert of many greedy recruiters only seeking to make a buck off the backs of foreign EFL/ESL teachers, unfortunate, but true.

ESL Suite Education Consulting is honest and believe me, that's hard to come by in China with the myriad of recruiters that abound. ESL Suite services are efficient and professional. ESL Suite has developed a strong working relationship with Chinese Center Directors, Public and International School HR departments and knows the EFL teaching market.

Christopher has an extensive network of decent schools and training centers, provides the most relevant and appropriate advice on visa processing, school/center expectations and cost of living. ESL Suite is not a surrogate parent and should not be; be smart and do your own extensive research whilst your application is with ESL Suite, and learn about what to expect from living and working in China.

ESL Suite provides great professional support and placed me in my current teaching post in Guangzhou. The job is great! The kids rock! and I'm still learning a lot! Kia Ora ESL Suite and nga mihi ki a koe,Christopher!
Secil - English Lecturer in Shanghai
I have been teaching English in Shanghai,China for 8-months - I found my job through ESL Suite. Christopher helped me a lot during the recruitment and visa processes, and encouraged me to move to China from Turkey.

I believe that teaching overseas offered me a chance to learn about another culture, and also allowed me to work in a leadership role while becoming a better educator. It has been a great challenge to live in here. I am so glad that I made the right decision by choosing ESL Suite.
Bryce - ESL Teacher in Shanghai
About seven months ago I was looking for a teaching job in Shanghai. Thankfully, I found Christopher at ESL Suite! He helped me locate several possible teaching positions in Shanghai, and now I've been teaching for a top adult training school for the past seven months. It has given me the experience I need for future jobs in the ESL field.

Once contacting ESL Suite, Christopher patiently worked to find the right job for me. I want to say. "thanks", and I recommend Christopher for anyone searching for a teaching job in China!
Tariq - ESL Teacher in Hangzhou
I was really impressed with the speed at which I got interviews after applying through ESL Suite. I was put into contact with two good, reputable schools and to me this was a good reflection on the professionalism and integrity with which my application was dealt. I am currently employed by one of these schools and have enjoyed my stay thus far. I highly recommend ESL Suite for help with finding your new teaching post.
Ian - Kindergarten Teacher in Shanghai
I was looking for employment in the Shanghai area, and several friends recommended Christopher at ESL Suite. I contacted Christopher in September, and it wasn't long before interview offers started coming through. It was through ESL Suite and Christopher that I am now happily employed in my current job. I've been here for a little over two months now and everything has gone smoothly. Sincerest thanks!
Michael - Classroom Teacher in Beijing
While looking for ESL teaching opportunities I was referred to Christopher at ESL Suite. From there, it didn’t take long for a few quality job opportunities to come through, resulting in successful interviews and an accepting an offer at a fantastic school. I even had to knock back another offer, which is always nice! The visa process with the Chinese government was long and testing at times, and Christopher was available to explain the situation whenever we asked. I’ve been in China just over a month now and am very happy with how things are going. Thank you!
Romancia - ESL Teacher in Xuzhou
On my search for a fitting TEFL position as a first time teacher, ESL Suite was absolutely God sent! I had been looking for a suitable position for several months and felt incredibly overwhelmed and unsure about the process, and worried if I'd even land a position at all.

Luckily I was referred to Christopher over at ESL suite and I could finally breathe a sigh of relief. I was now in touch with someone knowledgeable about the entire process I'd have to go through step-by-step to attain a position most suitable to my needs. Within one day of my first Skype meeting with Christopher, he had a list of schools for me to interview with, within a week I had interviewed with amazing schools and by the third week I had landed the perfect position!

I've been living and teaching in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China for just over a month now and couldn't be happier! I love the city and the school I teach at, my colleagues are very supportive and I get to learn a lot from them as they're all very experienced.

I'm very grateful for the work put in by the recruiters of ESL Suite. Thank you for your professionalism, efficiency and even more so for genuinely caring about the teachers you place.

I'll definitely be recommending ESL Suite to my friends who are also looking to make this life changing transition abroad!
Brian - English Teacher in Kunming
I felt very intimidated by the prospect of going “sight unseen” to China to live for a year or more. A friend of mine had a connection with a school in China and referred me to them. I did not like their offer or terms and I was left with no other options. I found Christopher’s ESL Suite website and sent him a message. Almost immediately, he replied, and we ended up Skyping for an hour or so. I told him what I was looking for and he gave me great options and recommendations of how to get the job. Right now, I am living and working in a great opportunity in a great environment thanks to Christopher. I am very happy with the service I received. No one is better than ESL Suite!
Kellie - Middle School English Teacher in Shanghai
After graduation, I wanted to find a teaching job abroad. After several months of searching with no luck, I was eventually referred to ESL Suite. Over our Skype interview, Christopher was extremely informative regarding the entire application process, the requirements, what to expect, job options, and answered any questions I had. In less than a week, he had set me up an interview with a great school in Shanghai which offered everything I was looking for. He also periodically checked in to make sure things were going well. It was such an efficient and smooth process that I could not be happier. Thanks again!
Jeremy - English Teacher in Tianjin
Even if you are an experienced ESL teacher, making the transition to China can be an intimidating experience. I was very grateful to have ESL Suite guiding me during the entire process.

From the interview to the visa application, Christopher was beyond professional with his timeliness, advice, and support. I have zero complaints, and I would certainly recommend these guys to anyone.
Joshua - P.E. Teacher in Beijing
ESL Suite is an awesome agency for teachers who dream to work abroad. I wanted something completely different for my life, and didn't want to settle in my career. I located this agency, and Christopher was so helpful throughout the whole process. He's very knowledgeable, and has a heart to help people achieve their desire to teach abroad. My life in China is honestly amazing, and this is by far the best move I have ever made to better my career! Christopher was able to connect me with a great school with a great boss and coworkers. My working environment is unbelievable - you would have to be here to experience how wonderful it is! I am thankful for Christopher's help and assistance on getting me to Beijing, China.
TK - Primary School Teacher in Zhuhai
For the last two years I've wanted to teach abroad, but I happened to be one of those people that waited until the last minute to look/apply for a teaching position in China. At the time I had just finished my TEFL certification and immediately became overwhelmed as I began the job hunt. Luckily one of my good friends connected me to Christopher at ESL Suite. From the first day I spoke to Christopher he has always been so professional, trustworthy, and HONEST. With Christopher’s help I was able to secure an amazing offer from one of the highest ranking schools in the city I currently reside. As I was preparing to make my move to China, Christopher gave me all the ins-and-outs regarding my arrival, work visa requirements, and adjusting to my new city. Christopher always been just an email/skype video call away even when we were communicating on different time zones. Thank you Christopher & ESL Suite!
Fatima - English Teacher in Xi'an
I was referred to ESL Suite by a friend during the summer months while finishing up a contract in the states. I had been teaching in the fall for the last two spring seasons and was interested in exploring China. I reached out to Christopher and within a day he responded to me and had all of my questions answered. Throughout the process he was able to set expectations in terms of time, what to expect, how things will run on China's end, and the turn around time in regards to hearing back from the school. Within a week I heard back from the school and had an interview scheduled. Overall this was a seamless process and since I have referred two people to him. He is a great recruiter and I would work with him again and again! I have been in China for a little over a month and so far am loving the experience. Thanks again for everything Christopher!
Robyn - Kindergarten Teacher in Beijing
ESL Suite has been nothing short of amazing! They show such concern for the people they help and are always in constant communication - which is very important to me. The job application process can be daunting, but ESL was there to help all the way. I have a job that suits my needs and ESL Suite made that possible!I would highly recommend ESL Suite to anyone. You can always count on them, and the best part of my whole experience is that I've had the pleasure of meeting their two awesome recruiters! I couldn't have asked for a better experience!
Niomi - English Teacher in Xi'an
ESL Suite was extremely helpful during my job search in China! After my details were passed on to Christopher, he immediately arranged a Skype interview in which he was very helpful and gave lots of useful information about living and working in China. My emails were always responded to very quickly, and Christopher made sure to answer any questions I had about required documents, the job I was applying for, and living in China in general. After just a couple of months, I moved to a great city in China, and I now happily work at a respectable school. Even after I moved to China, Christopher continued to keep in contact with me to check on how I was settling in, how the job was going, etc. If you are looking for a teaching job in China, I highly recommend working with ESL Suite!
Lydon - English Tutor in Beijing
During my search for a transition to a new country and job, I have been lucky to have ESL Suite as my recruiter. I was constantly kept up to date with my job applications, and my documents were dealt with efficiently. Through the help I received from Christopher, I managed to receive the perfect job with correct working hours, salary, location, and opportunity for job growth. Going ahead, I would highly recommend ESL suite to anyone searching for an overseas teaching job.
Sean - English Lecturer in Yulin
I had lived in China for four years, when, after being back in New Zealand for six months, I decided to return. When I began my job search I initially dealt with three or four recruiting companies, and of the people I communicated with, Christopher was by far the most pleasant. ESL Suite was friendly, professional, and unlike many other recruiters, never pushy or demanding. Christopher answered any queries I had promptly, and I knew if needed, ESL Suite would provide on-going support. ESL suite is a great company to deal with and one need not look any further.
Greg - Regional Teacher Supervisor in Dalian
I cannot thank ESL Suite enough for helping me find my dream job in China. It is without doubt one of the best recruitment agencies I have ever come across, and I owe them a debt of gratitude for their attention to the details of my job requirements, and their follow up work once I had found the job. Moving to a new country (particularly one as big as China) as always a challenge, but ESL Suite made what could have been a lottery into a great experience. I have nothing but praise for the whole process.
Lindsay - English Teacher in Shenzhen
I contacted ESL Suite several months ago when I was first planning on working overseas and had the distinct please of working with Christopher throughout the rest of the process. Preparing for work in another country can be complicated at the best of times, and I ran into some pretty significant hoops through which I never could have jumped without the help and guidance of Christopher. In fact, I very nearly gave up on the process, but am now very happily working in a lovely city in China for a great company because of Christopher's professionalism and encouragement!
Paul - EAP Lecturer in Shanghai
Job hunting in China can be quite overwhelming. Perhaps surprisingly, this remains true whether you are searching for your first job in China or your fifth. The sheer number of positions available is staggering, and before long your email can be inundated with contacts. Speaking from personal experience, weeding through these contacts for high quality positions is extremely time consuming and stressful. ESL Suite takes the mammoth task of job hunting in China and helps make it manageable. Many recruiters and websites can offer the same service, but in my experience, ESL Suite stands above the rest. Chris is efficient, honest, straightforward, and perhaps most importantly, extremely knowledgeable. His work ethic is outstanding! As a recruiter, he represents educational institutions of only the highest quality. Additionally, when developing a new business relationship with a new institution, he vets them appropriately, as he takes his responsibilities towards his client's needs seriously. I have lived in China for many years, and I doubt I will ever use another recruiter nor another recruitment agency again. To all of you out there on the world wide web, good luck in your job hunt, but you will have more than just luck with ESL Suite.
Tes - English Tutor in Beijing
I am very grateful and fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with ESL Suite. It was a very difficult and stressful period in my life when Chris came to my rescue. He was incredibly persistent, and didn't stop until he found a job that was a perfect fit for me, in both my career and personal life. He is a very honorable recruiter. He is professional, trustworthy and a wonderful person. He didn't give up even when the task seemed difficult. I am absolutely over the moon with the school that I work for. I love everything about it and the people that I work with. ESL Suite didn't just help me get an amazing job, but he gave me a chance at a new life. My humble gratitude goes to him, and I will be forever indebted to him. I'd highly recommend ESL Suite to anyone considering the use of their services and assistance.
Sophia - Primary School Teacher in Shanghai
ESL Suite helped me find the perfect teaching job! After months of searching with other companies, they managed to help me find my dream job within a week! Support was provided every step of the way, even if ESL Suite was not obligated to mediate. Christopher was always just an email away, answering any question I had about moving to the other side of the world, big or small. I couldn't be happier with ESL Suite!
Zethu - ESL Teacher in Tianjin
When I first decided to work in China I was overwhelmed with so much information that I began to doubt my decision. But after one month of searching for the perfect job that fitted my needs I stumbled upon ESL Suite. Just two hours after applying on their general site Christopher contacted me to discuss my job preferences. His professionalism, constant update on the progress of my application as well as the giving information on other aspects of moving to China helped me to not only become more confident in my decision but also find a job at a great school.
Kellen - ESL Teacher in Xi'an
I never would of thought it possible to move, live, and teach English in China, until I was introduced to ESL Suite. Thanks to Christopher, his professionalism and his candid, honest and transparent perspective on not only job opportunity, but teaching in China, I never would have made it here. Well I'm here and teaching for a great school as a result, and absolutely loving all that Xi'an has to offer while gaining more experience in the profession of teaching English. I am incredibly appreciative for all the help, and guidance and the abundant sense of confidence I had from choosing ESL Suite!
Greg - English Lecturer in Xuchang
I took the TESOL training as a professional development class to improve my skills in teaching Oral English. The class was very well organized and seemed to be fun rather than work. While my class was small , I felt like it was structured it to each participant. We learned and had fun with the material.I would definitely recommend this class to other people who want to teach overseas. While I have been in China for 3 years already , I wish that I had found ESL Suite earlier in my career here.
Maura - SAT Teacher in Shanghai
The thought of finding a job in China was very overwhelming. I'm so thankful for ESL Suite's help and making me feel better about my choice about going across seas. Even though my recruiter, Christopher, was expecting a new baby he still managed to email back about all of my questions and checked in whenever I heard back from a job offer or interview. He helped my find a fantastic job in Shanghai and I couldn't be happier. I've only been here a week but I feel like it's been weeks. Christopher is reliable and competent and am confident he will be able to help you with your search.
Susan - ESL Teacher in Zhengzhou
When I decided I wanted to live and work abroad, I didn't know where to begin! I became acquainted with ESL Suite and Christopher through LinkedIn. Meeting Christopher changed the direction of my job search to teaching English! What's more is that Christopher and the ESL Suite team are experts at matching candidates skills and interests with the right teaching situation and company. They know the necessary steps and required documents for applying for a position and for making a move to a China. Christoper and the team are highly responsive, knowledgeable, and I feel like they sincerely care about making the right placement and fit for everyone! I have great confidence, and felt secure, in working with ESL Suite to find my position to teach English in China!
Katy - Regional Teacher Supervisor in Wuhan
ESL Suite helped me land an ideal educational management position in China! Christopher did a fantastic job putting me in contact with companies across China where my qualifications and experience were a good fit, and exposed me to a number of wonderful opportunities. My decision to work at my current employer was based upon the fantastic team I currently work with, and it turns out Christopher was instrumental in bringing us all together. Kudos to him and kudos to ESL Suite for their marvelous job placement abilities!
Nicole - English Teacher in Shanghai
I had the pleasure of meeting Christopher a few weeks ago. We conversed about life experiences and what made me take the plunge to come out of my corporate shell and travel to China and teach. As soon as he heard the passion and excitement in our conversation, he immediately told me, "Don't worry Nicole, I definitely know the perfect schools to get you in contact with." Lo and behold, as if it was magic, he put me in contact with an amazing school in Shanghai. Not only was he diligent, he was and will be always there to help and guide me every step of the way. Now I'm looking forward to teaching my first overseas class in a few weeks and it is all thanks to Christopher at ESL Suite. He rocks!
Kara and Jeff - Kindergarten Teachers in Shanghai
My husband Jeff and I have now lived in Shanghai for 6-months, and are currently teaching at an international preschool of great reputation. ESL Suite is the reason that we are now working in a job that we love. Within a few days we were given several options for potential jobs. Within a week we had interviews lined up with schools in Shanghai that fit our profile, and within ten days we had a fantastic job offer from an amazing school. Christopher at ESL Suite was by far the best recruiter that we worked with, and our amazing experience with him goes to show that an honest recruiter who is committed to his clients can get even a hard job done well in a short time. The process was so easy and painless that Jeff and I were both stunned that it had taken us so long to find suitable positions in the past. ESL Suite was available to us any time we had questions, and helped us through the entire process of applying for a visa and working with the school to confirm our contracts and start dates.

Once we arrived in Shanghai, we found out that everything promised to us about our job was true. Our work environment is wonderful, and our bosses and coworkers are intelligent and committed. We credit our good luck to Christopher, who has been supportive and honest, and even now would help us in a second if we needed him. Take it from us - if you are looking for a recruiter who will listen to you and help you find exactly what you are looking for, ESL Suite is your best option!
Keith - ESL Teacher in Wuxi
ESL Suite was instrumental in the success of me finding a position here in China. The company is very professional and gives insight into what it will actually be like to live and work in China. I was very lucky to find ESL Suite, especially my recruiter. He had ESL teaching experience himself, so it made me feel more confident moving forward. ESL Suite will definitely point you in the right direction
John - Middle School Teacher in Suzhou
When I first planned on moving to China, there were many questions and uncertainties. Thankfully, many of these questions were answered in my first Skype meeting with ESL Suite. They quickly put me in touch with a school from my city of choice, Suzhou. ESL Suite did an excellent job providing information about China and what to expect when living here. If you are considering teaching abroad, I highly recommend working with ESL Suite, and teaching in Suzhou, China!
Catherine - Middle School Teacher in Tianjin
I'm grateful that I got connected to ESL Suite, who never gave up until they found the right school for me. ESL Suite was efficient and reliable--no time was wasted in the job search. ESL Suite kept me updated regularly and sufficiently throughout the recruitment process, which finally landed me in the location and company I wanted. ESL Suite did a wonderful job, and I highly recommend them to anyone.
Peter - English Instructor in Qingdao
ESL Suite goes to bat for their potential recruits with positive words, ideas, and thoughts not usually used by most recruiters. I interviewed with many, but they are one of the few who truly impressed me with a positive attitude. On top of that, they were very conscientious and consistent with e-mails, calls, feedback and follow-up. I really felt wanted and needed. What more can you honestly ask for?
Melissa - English Lecturer in Zhengzhou
Without ESL Suite I would not have found what I consider the perfect job. I had been telling people for years that I wanted to teach at the university level, and when it came time for a change in my life, a friend gave me ESL Suite's information. I contacted them immediately, and they contacted me back within twelve hours. This was during the weekend, mind you. By Wednesday I not only had an interview, but had a job offer from a university in China. Now I work at a small college where the students are eager to learn. I have never been happier teaching than I am right now, so I can honestly say that without ESL Suite, I'd have missed out on a great opportunity.
Michael - ESL Teacher in Jinan
I appreciate the effort ESL Suite made for my job application. Not only were they able to find the most appropriate opportunities based on my needs, but continue to check on my welfare, which is beyond the service that is required from them.
Jamie - Classroom Teacher in Beijing
Throughout my job application process, ESL Suite was always responsive. They even followed up with me after I had already accepted a position. I'm a certified teacher in the U.S., but before I I found ESL Suite, I could only find jobs that did not require a teaching certification in America. I couldn't have imagined finding such a great job in China, and I credit ESL Suite with helping my find my position that fits my interests perfectly
Nicholas - TESOL Teacher in Shanghai
ESL Suite is a fantastic recruitment agency for ESL teachers. After being referred to them by a friend, they were really impressive. My recruiter took time to get to know me personally and learn what I was looking for in a new teaching role. They were quick and highly competent in getting the process started. With their expertise, I had a job within a month. Because of ESL Suite I am now looking forward to beginning my new teaching role. Thank you ESL Suite for your exemplary work!
Daniel - SAT Teacher in Shanghai
When I was looking at all the hundreds of job opportunities teaching English in China it was overwhelming. Once I decided to simply use ESL Suite, the process became simple and stress-free. Any questions I had about China or any of the companies I was applying for were answered swiftly, straightforwardly, and honestly. ESL Suite did a great job arranging interviews for jobs that fit my particular interests and strengths as a candidate. The SAT prep job I am currently enjoying in Shanghai would have remained unknown to me if not for ESL Suite. They know what they're doing!
Christopher, Director of Studies in Hangzhou
ESL Suite was extremely insightful and helpful during my recruitment search. They have both extensive personal experience in the industry and are entirely invested in finding the best place and position for their clients. My recruiter also had a very friendly demeanor, which can make the often daunting process of job hunting much more comfortable.
Mikkel, Head Teacher in Chongqing
An agency I would greatly recommend is ESL Suite. They helped me look for work here in Chongqing where I work now. As an American company, they have more of a sense of what westerners like, and know how to pair that with prospective schools. They are very dedicated, and put a lot of effort into pairing you with a school that you would actually feel good working in. The next time I am looking for a new teaching job, ESL Suite will be the first place I look.
Whitney, Director of Studies in Shijiazhuang
ESL Suite made the very daunting concept of finding a job in a different country extremely easy. They were professional but with a personal touch. Within a week I had been interviewed and placed with a school that matched my criteria and personality. ESL Suite is quick, professional, and trustworthy.
Ismael, Teacher in Tianjin
I would highly recommend ESL Suite in every aspect not only for first time jobbers looking to move to China but also experienced expats already in the area. ESL Suite provides constant communication, advice and reassurance and really looks out for the candidate in a way no other agency in this industry has in the West, never mind China.
Ashleigh, ESL Teacher in Zhengzhou
I highly recommend ESL Suite to anyone looking for a job overseas. I was very pleased with their service, efficiency and honesty. It can be very stressful to make the decision to work abroad, and ESL Suite made the process simple by providing excellent service and by being completely honest about the process involved. I am now happily employed in Zhengzhou, China and living my dream, which would not be possible without ESL Suite! :)
Nari, Early Learners Teacher in Wuxi
ESL Suite took extensive time in providing me with a great deal of information and insight regarding many different provinces and cities in China, information regarding the ESL industry here, and took the time to familiarize himself with my individual circumstances and the type of location, company and position that would best suit my individual circumstances. I am most grateful to ESL Suite for their thorough, personalized and efficient service and support - their recommendations have been invaluable and I feel extremely fortunate to now be experiencing my ESL teaching journey in beautiful Wuxi.
Jessica - TEFL Teacher in Ningbo
I very much appreciated the help and professionalism the ESL Suite team provided me to find a teaching position in China. After speaking with me and taking note of my profile, they put me in contact with several schools within two days. Soon enough I was interviewed and hired by a great school in Ningbo. I have been here for two months now and am extremely satisfied with my experience. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for teaching opportunities in China!
Chanan - EFL Teacher in Zhengzhou
Looking for a teaching position from abroad can be quite intimidating. I feel fortunate to have stumbled into ESL Suite. Not only did they find an incredible job for me that matched my specific interests and qualifications, but they took the time to check-in on me and assist in my pre-travel preparations. Their extensive assistance included setting up interviews, checking in with the school about the work permits, reaching out to answer questions, giving me honest advice, and everything in between. They created a warm, approachable, and communicative environment, while retaining a high-quality of professionalism and integrity. I am so grateful for their work, and would highly recommend their services for anyone searching for positions in China! Thanks!
Jenna - TESOL Teacher in Shenyang
The service I received from ESL Suite was very professional, and really just a great experience for me. I was very pleased with how quickly my recruiter set me up with interviews! My recruiter worked hard to find a school that would be a good fit for me. Even after I was placed with a school, my recruiter went out of his way to make sure that I had everything sorted before I arrived in China. I absolutely LOVE the school that I am working at now! The working environment is great, and my boss and coworkers are really cool. I am really happy with my job, and I'm grateful to have been placed here!
Fiona - English Teacher in Tianjin
I would highly recommend ESL Suite to anyone looking for a teaching position in China. Making the decision to move abroad to work was exciting, but also quite daunting at the same time. My recruiter was extremely knowledgeable and approachable at all times. The process was efficient throughout and made very simple, matching me with a position which I have since commenced and am enjoying a lot so far. I have been teaching in Tianjin now for almost two months, and everyone I have met along the way has been very welcoming and helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending ESL Suite to anyone seeking work here.
Douglas - English Teacher in Wuxi
As an experienced teacher, I knew exactly what I was after in my job search. I was looking for a specific city, age group, and starting date, among other things. Initially, I thought that I was asking too much from a recruiter to fill such a particular order, but I was pleasantly shocked at how accurately and quickly ESL Suite contacted me with a number of options that matched my desired employment situation. I love my new job, and the city I live in. I'd highly recommend ESL Suite to experienced or new teachers for any job placement needs.
Jen - Preschool Teacher in Beijing
Looking for a teaching position in China can be quite overwhelming. I'm thankful that I was able to connect with ESL Suite during my job search. They were incredibly helpful during the entire process, from assisting with visa and other pre-travel preparations to checking in on me after I had already arrived in China. ESL Suite listened to what I wanted in a job and matched me with a position and school that would best suit my strengths and criteria. They offered me sincere advice, answered all my questions, and provided support when I needed it. Thanks to them, I am currently working at a Montessori preschool in exciting Beijing. I highly recommend ESL Suite to anyone seeking teaching jobs in China!
Stuart - English Instructor in Beijing
I was very pleased with the service offered by ESL Suite. I got in touch with them looking for a teaching position in China and after a prompt reply, they suggested some positions for me from an extensive list of appointments throughout the country. They put me in touch a school and acted as a great facilitator. With ESL Suite's help I now have a job lined up in Beijing! Whether you're looking to teach infants or adults, ESL Suite will be able to help you find whatever position you're looking for.
James - Middle School Teacher in Tianjin
I was tired of the corporate "rat-race" and needed a big change. The service provided by ESL Suite was absolutely amazing. They actually took the time to read my resume and match me to the right position. I had the job offer about one week from our very first conversation and was overly surprised it went that fast. The recruiter at ESL Suite took time to give me some interview tips as well! I found a great position in Tianjin and couldn't be happier!
Mike - High School Teacher in Suzhou
I am very fortunate to have worked with Chris and ESL Suite. With just a 20 minute Skype conversation, Chris was able to suggest a few different job opportunities for me to start my career in TEFL. Chris was incredibly insightful, as he helped both my friend and I land a job in the public schools of Suzhou, which was our first choice of cities to work in. Chris oversaw the entire process of helping us collect paperwork and prepare for our move to China. He has even proved to be a valuable friend and resource since arriving in China. For anyone considering moving to China to teach, make sure to work with ESL Suite. You will not be disappointed.
Sophie - Kindergarten Teacher in Shanghai
Making the decision to move to China was daunting to say the least, but ESL Suite made the entire process completely painless. After speaking with Christopher, I was excited at my prospects for living and working in China. After only a few days I already had interviews scheduled, and I managed to secure my dream position not long after.

Right now I am working as a kindergarten teacher at an amazing school in Shanghai and I love it. I am so thankful to ESL Suite for all their advice and support, which they continue to provide to this day. If you want to make the move to teach in China I couldn't recommend ESL Suite more!
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