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All Beijing Dalian Tianjin Hohhot
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Taiyuan Changchun Baoding Anshan Liaoyang
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Hangzhou is regarded in China as one of the two Paradises on Earth, and is widely considered to be one of the best places to live in China. There’s an expression: "上有天堂 下有苏杭" which means, "Above, there is heaven; below there is Hangzhou...." Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province and is just two hours by bus from Shanghai. It's known for its natural beauty and green spaces—West Lake is a popular destination for relaxing and soaking in the fresh air and gorgeous sights. Hangzhou has lots of interesting foods to try, great shopping and an exciting nightlife—it’s a modern city with a rich history and countless places to explore!
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Famous as the old trading port of Canton, and having given its name to the Chinese dialect of Cantonese—Guangzhou is a tropical city in the south with a balmy climate and low cost of living. The city is known for its distinctive Cantonese cuisine and for being the political, economic, scientific, educational and cultural center in Guangdong Province. Guangzhou is home to sights such as the Five Ram Statue in Yuexiu Park, Pearl River and White Cloud Mountain—plus architectural wonders like the Sun-Yat Sun Memorial Hall and the Canton Tower. Barely two hours from Hong Kong, but a world away in pace, this is a fine place to find the real China.
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Dalian is a vibrant city and known throughout China as one of its most beautiful places to live and visit. Resting on a peninsula in northern China, adjacent to Korea and nearby other popular destinations such as Beijing and Harbin. A well-known beach city, Dalian is a popular summertime destination for tourists. Downtown has abundant green spaces, and just outside the city are several mountainous areas great for hiking and exploring. Dalian is modern, clean and safe. It's been called the "Hong Kong of the North" not only because of its status as a port city but also because of the cosmopolitan vibe that includes shopping, nightlife, cuisine from around the world and five-star hotels.
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Chongqing attracts visitors from home and abroad for its cultural heritage and other tourist attractions. The city is the starting point for the Yangtze River Cruise, which explores the stunning scenery of the Three Gorges. Attractions include the Dazu Rock Carvings - valuable works of art carved during the Ninth Century, Gold Buddhist Mountain- a rich repository of diverse animals and plants, and Fishing Town- one of three ancient battlefields in China. Ancient Ci Qi Kou village lures tourists to linger in its streets to buy handicraft souvenirs. Chongqing is famous for its hot Sichuan cuisine and world-famous hotpot dishes.
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Suzhou is located in the center of the Yangtze Delta, just a short train ride to Shanghai, and in the heart of China's "Golden Triangle". Jiangsu Province is known throughout China as one of the most beautiful areas, and Suzhou is right at the top of the list of attractions, thus earning its reputation as China's "earthly Paradise". Taihu Lake, East Hill, West Hill and other scenic areas attract throngs of tourists year round, and its canal waterways have earned it the nickname "Venice of the Orient." With its mild climate and breathtaking scenery, Suzhou an attractive destination to visit or to settle down and is always among China's "Most Livable Cities."
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Chengdu is the capital of the "Heavenly State" (Tian Fu Zhi Guo) and is most famous for being the habitat of giant pandas and for its cotton-rose hibiscus. Chengdu boasts profound historical and cultural background - among which are historic places of interest such as the Thatched Cottage of Du Fu, Wuhou Memorial Temple and Wenshu Monastery. Natural beauty abounds in surrounding areas such as in the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area and Huang Long Valley (Yellow Dragon Valley). The Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Center supports the world's only giant panda breeding and research base. Sampling the famous Sichuan cuisine is a must on a trip to Chengdu. Enjoying the food as well as the culture, shopping and sitting for tea at an ancient tea-house afford a deeper understanding of Chengdu.
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The Chinese have always had a flair for formidable displays of power and wealth, and nowhere in China is that more clear than Beijing. From the ostentatious portrait of Mao Zedong at the front gate of Tian'anmen Square to the sprawling Temple of Heaven Park—the capital city of the world's most populous country is a sight to behold. Sometimes called Peking, China's second largest city has long been the political, cultural and educational capital of the Middle Kingdom. Many of China's most famous landmarks can be found in or around the city, including ancient wonders such as the Great Wall of China, the Ming Tombs and the Summer Palace. There are five UNESCO World Heritage Sites in or around Beijing city.
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Nestled in China's heartland you'll find the ancient city of Xi'an, literally translated as `Western Peace'. The capital of China during the period of 618 - 907 AD, Xi'an served as China's gateway city during its 'golden age' under the Tang Dynasty. Xi'an is a rapidly developing Chinese city of approximately seven million people but also boasts many sites of historical and cultural interest. Although probably best known for the Army of Terracotta Warriors, there are many points of historical interest within and outside the city, including the formidable Drum Tower downtown and Hua Shan (Mount Hua) just a short bus ride away.
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Tianjin is best known as the main port of entry for China's northeastern manufacturing corridor. It's the largest coastal city in the north and is just a stone's throw from the capital - Beijing is just a 30-minute ride by high-speed rail. Ex-pats find Tianjin to be a very livable city - it has all of the amenities from home including shopping malls, western restaurants and coffee shops. Tianjin has a rich history and has many examples of old British and Italian architecture. The famous Italian Concession Area has the largest cluster of Old Italian architecture outside of Italy. Other local attractions are the Huanyaguang section of the Great Wall, the Tianjin Eye and Tianjin's Ancient Culture Street. Binhai—which includes Tanggu and TEDA—is home to many of the Fortune 500 and multi-national companies.
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Shenzhen sprung up on the border with Hong Kong almost literally overnight—what was fields and forests just twenty years ago has become one of the most vibrant young cities in mainland China. One of the fastest growing cities in the world, Shenzhen has become the heart of foreign direct investment in China with a thriving tech industry and home to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Because of its tropical climate, proximity to Hong Kong and promise of economic opportunity, Shenzhen has become one of the most popular destinations for expats to live and work.
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Long serving as the heart of China's economic development, Shanghai is a perfect mix of traditional and modern Chinese characteristics. A sleek and sophisticated city of lights, Shanghai is a fast-paced metropolis full of cultural change and excitement. Always an economic powerhouse in the Asia-Pacific region, it has rapidly become a fashion and social leader as well. No other city in China offers such an array of cuisine, shopping, nightlife—it’s a metropolitan city on par with New York or Paris. A visit to the Bund or to one of the city’s many traditional or modern art museums, and you’ll understand why Shanghai is a showcase for China’s recent economic boom.
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Qīngdǎo (青岛) in Chinese means literally means "lush island". Resting on the Yellow Sea, Qingdao is a pleasant sea-side city known for its beaches, moderate climate, and for being the home of Tsingtao beer. A former German concession, Qingdao has preserved much of its colonial architecture and maintained its beaches as well as developing economically. The shore is lined with parks, beaches, and authentic German architecture. Every summer Qingdao hosts the most famous beer festival in Asia.
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With over 2,500 years of written history, Nanjing is in the midst of a transformation—into a thriving, modern city and a hub for education, tourism, research, the arts and transportation. Known as one of the "Four Great Ancient Capitals of China", Nanjing is brimming with arts and culture. Some of China's leading art performance groups are based in the city including several dance companies and famous Chinese opera institutes. The Nanjing Library is the third largest in the country and keeps over seven million printed volumes. In addition to Nanjing's many museums, temples, pagodas, open spaces and parks, Nanjing also has a great restaurant scene and a jumping nightlife. Nanjing has quietly become one of the most interesting, lively and livable cities in China.
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