Teaching Intern | All Ages | Moscow, Russia
Please remember to include this job requisition number (0904RUS) in the application form.


Natural language acquisition

Our School is a young, licensed language school based in Moscow, Russia. It is our core belief that a language is most effectively acquired when done so naturally - through communication and interaction in everyday situations.

Beyond the Language

We aim to make a difference and build a better world by opening the world both for kids from low-income families and for candidates who wish to discover the world.

Nowadays, knowing English opens doors to more information, better education, career opportunities and the growth of one's own business or organization. It is our aim to reach out to those kids whose families may not be able to afford private English instruction with teachers from the US, UK and other English speaking countries.

We provide a wide range of opportunities for our teachers - from discovering the world and different cultures and languages with us to meeting financial goals like paying off student loans or saving for the next adventure.

Your contribution today is making your own future brighter and is laying a solid foundation for a better world for many people to come.

Strong team

We are looking for candidates in the USA and around the world to join our growing team of teachers in Russia. We are involved in group teaching, one-on-one teaching, camps for children, classes for adults and much more. We welcome all enthusiastic individuals to come teach their native language and explore the rich experiences Russia has to offer.

We invite native English speakers to come to Russia and share their gifts, talents and knowledge with Russian people who want to learn English, to add to their education, increase job opportunities and travel the world. This, in turn, enriches the lives of others with whom our students come in contact.


A Teacher Intern is a person who is able to engage students in various activities and interact with them in a way that creates an environment for learning a language naturally and in an informal setting. A Teacher Intern may engage students through music, games, sports, reading, or simply by going on walks and observing surroundings with students.

We are looking for individuals from all backgrounds who are enthusiastic about meeting new people and helping them express themselves in English. We do not require formal teaching experience. Our Teacher Interns above all have good communication skills, are sociable, creative, engaging and interested in working with people. They also know how to relate to people and use their interests in order to think of, plan and implement activities relevant to their students.


*provide engaging classes
*be mindful of the student's level, ability, and interests
*use student's creativity to adapt lessons to each client
*properly comply with the working schedule on everyday basis
*attend all lessons without delays
*be prepared for every lesson
*check homework as needed
*administer and grade tests regularly (if applicable)
*keep accurate records
* fill the required forms as requested by the student to testify that the class has been properly
*provide a monthly report to the Company
* attend and participate in trainings and seminars
*be casual-business dressed for meetings, interviews with students and lessons

Our Teacher Intern Program is meant for individuals who wish to:

*Travel to Russia
*Meet new people
*Gain experience abroad
*Learn a new language
*Be introduced to teaching English as a second language
*Be involved in a multicultural environment

How our program works:

You, the Teacher, set aside up to 25 teaching hours per week to working with families and individuals on their English and Our School covers your in-country costs and grants you a monthly allowance. Airfare and visa costs may be reimbursed (conditions apply). You spend time with a child or children, both in formal and informal settings, and create an English-speaking environment for him or her.

For example, you may be assigned to spend 1.5 - 3 hours, twice a week in families and 3 hours, three times per week at a children's center with groups of children. Or you may be involved with children in camps or formally teach English to employees in-company. There is a wide range of areas you can gain experience in. The ages of the students vary greatly from toddlers to adults and their language levels range from beginner to advanced.

You use your talents and hobbies to engage students in various activities. Use your musical abilities, play board games, go for walks, play sports, draw and anything else you can think of, you do in English! You use every day, hands-on activities in order to help students express themselves in English.


*Experience a rich and unique culture
*Get college credit for a variety of courses (talk to your program advisor)
*Share your talents, culture & language with children and others
*Easily travel to Europe, Asia & beyond
*No need to know Russian with the opportunity to learn it
*Possibility to travel with families
*Expand your experience with people, especially children, internationally
*Experience abroad is a definite eye-catcher on your resume
*Minimize expenses while abroad and avoid going into debt
*Monthly allowance

If you are between semesters at university, a recent graduate or someone either looking for an experience abroad or to supplement your university experience, look no further. Our programs are designed for you. They require no previous experience. They are flexible, provide hands on experience, provide opportunities to acquire skills difficult to obtain elsewhere, and we can even work with your university program to help you earn college credit for your experience.


This program requires no formal teaching experience or knowledge of Russian. The program is for you if you are:
*18 or older, hold a university degree (associate, bachelor or master) or a vocational school degree
*great with people
*excited about a Russian experience
*able to commit for a minimum of 3 months
*committed to spending up to 25 teaching hours per week interacting with non-native English speakers in order to improve their English language skills
*ready and flexible to participate in various settings such as camps and other outdoor activities

*Take a ride in a Russian tank
*Soar over the Russian countryside in a hot air balloon
*Visit Stalin's Bunker and other Soviet secrets
*Test your skydiving skills in an AirTube flight
*Witness a world-class ballet performance at the famous Bolshoy Theatre
*Experience an authentic Russian Sauna (Banya)
*Step inside the historical Kremlin on Red Square
*Admire the unmatched beauty of the Moscow metro
*Explore the mesmerizing city of Saint Petersburg
*And many more!


*Monthly allowance of 15,000 rubles (about $215 USD)
* A Teacher commits to providing up to 25 teaching hours per week (100 teaching hours
per month).
*The gradual excess of the working hours more than 25 teaching hours per week (100
teaching hours per month) may give rise to the revision of the terms in the Teacher's favour,
500 RUR per hour for every hour exceeding 100 hours in a single month.
One-time reimbursement in the amount of $300 upon completion of the third month of
*After the initial first three months of teaching, the teacher is eligible to receive a reimbursement
of $100 for each additional month to cover the teacher's initial costs (airfare
and visa fee). The total reimbursement shall be limited to no more than $1,200.
*Our School Group will provide to the Teacher comfortable, shared accommodation. For single Teachers, this is shared accommodation. For couples, this is a separate apartment.
*Free WiFi
*A Metro Pass for unlimited travel on the Moscow Public Transportation System (subway, bus, trolley bus, and tram) to be paid by the company
*Monthly mobile phone usage is paid
Please remember to include this job requisition number (0904RUS) in the application form.