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Moscow is the capital of Russia, and, with a population of 12 million people, not only the largest metropolitan area in Europe, but the 7th-largest city in the world. Ancient and modern exist side by side in a city that displays extremes of architecture, design, history and the arts. From the nine domes of St. Basils Cathedral, to the Red Square, and shopping on Boulevard Street, Moscow has something for everyone. Whether you’re wandering the metro in awe of the architecture, quietly sipping tea in a Russian Tea Room, or watching the sunrise over Moscow’s golden domes and skyscrapers, you’re guaranteed a rich experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime.
Geography & Facts
Russia is divided somewhat over Northern Asia with the west of the Urals being considered to be part of Europe. The country borders the Arctic Ocean, and lies between Europe and the North Pacific Ocean. Moscow is in the west of Russia, and sits just about 500km from the border of Eastern Europe. Moscow’s climate is temperate continental meaning that there are hot summers and very cold winters. The winter chill starts around October and ends in April with the heavy snowy months being from November to March. Milder weather starts to set in around June and stays till September with rain in July and August. The average snowfall is around 350mm and the rainy season can have up 75ml of rain per day.
Your Apartment
There’s no way of sugar-coating it: Moscow is one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world. Rent isn’t cheap, but herein lies the benefit: working with us you’ll have all of your basic living costs covered, including your apartment, phone, and intercity travel.

By eliminating these costs, you’ll be able to maximize your enjoyment of the city while gaining valuable work experience and experiencing a rich cultural experience.
Attractions & Night Life
Moscow can boast a deep and fascinating history of arts and politics. There are numerous attractions from the Kremlin, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Poklonnaya Mountain, Ostankino Estate to name only a few examples of the variety. The Moscow Metro is an architectural design that boasts optical illusions and breath-taking architecture. Moscow gives “The City That Never Sleeps” moniker a run for its money. Depending on the locale, the cost can vary. Some night-clubs don’t have entry price, and you can find tasty drinks for an affordable price. On the other hand, you may find some of world’s most expensive and exclusive clubs in Moscow. A simple drink can cost around $15-20 USD. Whether you’re a glamour girl in Fashion Bar or an Indie Rocker, you’ll feel at home in Moscow. From contemporary cool cafes, to night clubs to pool halls – you’re guaranteed to find something that fits your lifestyle.
Russian food is a collection of different and diverse cooking techniques of the Russian people. Being such a large country there is a diverse, seasonal variety of delicious traditional dishes to choose from. A three course meal for two in a nice restaurant costs around 2250R ($34) and a cappuccino in a local coffee shop will cost you around 160R ($4) Western Supermarkets stock your familiar imported products (but remember to keep in mind the cost of importing your favorite breakfast cereal – maybe it’s time to try something local?) and all the usual Western comfort foods like a good old McD’s Big Mac Meal costs around 310R ($5).
Getting Around
Moscow metro, which might as well be a museum, is fast, efficient and beautiful. Like any major city there are peak hours when it can get busy and crowded, so plan your travel time to accommodate some waiting time if you need to.

You can also save your time and install a taxi app on your SMART phone (GETT Taxi or Yandex Taxi) which will help you find the nearest taxi. Taxi prices start at around 500R ($7) for a short inner city journey. For longer journeys, have one of the support staff help you to negotiate a better price.
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