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Discover China through the eyes of our wonderful students. Live and explore a culture that will enrich your life. From cosmopolitan cities to ancient towns steeped in history, Shane English offers wonderful opportunities for individuals who are passionate about teaching. China is a world unto itself, and the stories of those who spend time there are as unique as the country itself. Few places have as rich and old a cultural heritage as the country known as "the Middle Kingdom". Exploring the whole of China would take more than a lifetime but to experience some of the old and new is feasible in a short time. Established in 2001, Shane English School China currently operates in over 25 cities across China. We are well known as a market leading language school. With thousands of students coming through our doors every year we make every effort to maintain the highest standards in education by providing excellent course materials, technology and an engaging learning environment.
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Job Description:
Shane teachers typically teach between 20 to 25 hours over a five-day week. Teaching English in China usually involves working with young children. The majority of our students are Young Learners aged from 3 to 16 years old and teachers enjoy teaching to a variety of ages throughout the week. Students are grouped by age and ability. Classes in the main language centers are small and have Chinese teaching assistants to help with the correction of homework, monitoring of students and classroom control. During the week, teachers may venture to local kindergartens or elementary schools to teach groups of students with the assistance of the children's regular class teacher.
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