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METEN ENGLISH was established in 2006 with the sole purpose of offering the English language to English learners. The first center opened in Chongqing back in 2006. Since then METEN ENGLISH has expanded to over 44 centers in over 13 cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Beijing, Suzhou, Xiamen, and Chengdu. With over 2000 teaching and administrative employees including 350 Foreign English teachers and 400 local Chinese English teachers. METEN ENGLISH has successfully taught more than 60, 000 students since 2006.
Each METEN ENGLISH center occupies 1000-2000㎡ and is equipped with state of the art equipment. This includes a coffee bar, theater, library, lab area with many computers with internet access and spacious classrooms that allow students to study in a comfortable and relaxing environment. METEN ENGLISH's R&D center currently has over 100 course developers possessing masters or doctorate degrees - the curriculum is unique, extremely effective and known throughout China as an enjoyable and practical way to acquire the English language. As a company that is ambitious and expanding at a rapid rate, METEN ENGLISH is constantly striving to become better - we hire only the best and our Senior management is developed from within. That means there is fantastic opportunity for professional growth and upward movement at METEN!
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METEN ENGLISH has always focused on accelerating English language learning. The company name “METEN” has been built on the foundation on how METEN ENGLISH offers English learning to students. Each letter symbolizes a part on how METEN ENGLISH offers English learning to students;

M is used to measure requirements to customize a study play in accordance with the needs of students.

E is used to improve students’ experience learning through affective learning and solve issues with confidence building activities.

T is used to enable students to learn English through tasks by doing real-life activities both in and out of the classes.

E is used to encourage and enable students to increase knowledge, develop skills and clarify values by means of education.

N is used to remind METEN to nurture students’ as well as teach them English.

METEN ENGLISH’s “Experiential Education"

Experiential education is a process that occurs between a teacher and a student that infuses direct experience within the learning environment and content. The Association for experiential education regards experiential education "as a philosophy and methodology in which educators purposefully engage with learners in direct experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills and clarify values."
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