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“The service I receive from ESL Suite was very professional, and really just a great experience for me. I absolutely LOVE the school that I am working at now.”

- Jenna, TESOL Teacher in Shenyang

“I love my new job, and the city I live in. I'd highly recommend ESL Suite to experienced or new teachers for any job placement needs.”

- Douglas, English Teacher in Wuxi

“I couldn't have imagined finding such a great job in China, and I credit ESL Suite with helping me find my position that fits my interests perfectly.”

- Jamie, Classroom Teacher in Beijing

"I was very pleased with the service offered by ESL Suite. I got in touch with them looking for a teaching position in China and after a prompt reply, they suggested some positions for me from an extensive list of appointments throughout the country."

- Stuart, English Instructor in Beijing

“Thanks to ESL Suite, I am currently working at a Montessori preschool in exciting Beijing. I highly recommend ESL Suite to anyone seeking teaching jobs in China!”

- Jen, Preschool Teacher in Beijing

“ESL Suite provides constant communication, advice and reassurance and really looks out for the candidate in a way no other agency in this industry has in the West, never mind China.”

- Ismael, Teacher in Tianjin

"Without ESL Suite I would not have found what I consider the perfect job. I have never been happier teaching than I am right now, so I can honestly say that without ESL Suite, I'd have missed out on a great opportunity."

- Melissa, English Lecturer in Zhengzhou

"I’m grateful that I got connected to ESL Suite, who never gave up until they found the right school for me. ESL Suite was efficient and reliable--no time was wasted in the job search."

- Catherine, Middle School Teacher in Tianjin

"When I was looking at all the hundreds of job opportunities teaching English in China it was overwhelming. Once I decided to simply use ESL Suite, the process became simple and stress-free. "

- Daniel, SAT Teacher in Shanghai

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ESL Suite is American owned, China based, and founded by a former ESL Teacher. Apply with us, and feel confident knowing you've found a recruiter who has your best interests in mind.
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Designed by industry specialists, our Foundation Course can be completed in-class or online, and is suited for learners of every level.
Who we are
We aim to become an education consulting leader in China by offering professional teacher recruitment services, and exceptional online and classroom based TESOL training.
Christopher is originally from Buffalo, but has come to China by way of New York and Los Angeles. He's lived in Tianjin for over seven years, and has been involved in education and teacher recruitment for five years. Christopher has traveled to over 20 countries on five continents, and his travel highlight was camping on the Great Wall in 2009.
Christopher Ribeiro
Founder/Managing Director
Jenny is from Tianjin, China, and has been in HR/Teacher Recruitment for over six years. She has enjoyed traveling through the United States, Thailand, India, Korea, Japan, and throughout China. She helped build ESL Suite from the ground up in 2012, and now continues to grow the business through partnerships with over 100 schools across China, Taiwan, Thailand, Russia, and Korea.
Jenny Zhao
Co-founder/Business Development Manager
Andy is a college student from Shenzhen and now studying in Tianjin. He is a self-taught developer and now he works as a webmaster in ESL Suite, mainly responsible for designing, building and maintaining the website.
Andy Zhou
Sarah is from Jilin City, in Jilin Province, China. She has worked in ESL Suite since Summer '17. She is crazy about traveling, and her most enjoyable trips were sunbathing on the beach of Dalian, and seeing the amazing sculptures at the Harbin Ice Festival. Sarah is passionate about helping people, and has great energy and devotion to her work.
Sarah Yu
Liaison Officer
Teresa is a native from Tianjin. She likes traveling throughout China - her favorte vacation spot is Wuhai, mainly because the delicious food! She has been with ESL Suite since Summer 2017, and has great enthusiasm for recruiting and marketing.
Teresa Yin
Marketing & Operations Coordinator
Education Bureau Assistant
Serina Shi
Education Bureau Assistant
Mikkel is a Chongqing based teacher, writer, and photographer. He has lived in China since 2010, both as a teacher and as a school manager. He has been writing for the ESL Suite blog since 2014.
Mikkel Larsen
Content Creator
Steve is based in London, and has six-years' recruitment experience in sports performance, finance, and education. Steve's travel highlights include golfing St. Andrews in Scotland, completing the Osaka Marathon, and backpacking through New Zealand and China.
Steve Moser
Recruitment Consultant
Matt is a born and bred Capetonian from South Africa and has been living and working in China since 2010. He's worked in many different departments of the ESL industry, and won the SINA GOLDEN TEACHER OF THE YEAR award in 2014. Matt became a recruiter so he could share his love of teaching in China with the rest of the world. Matt's favorite China moment was a shopping trip to Hong Kong in 2013.
Matt Zweig
Recruitment Associate
Tong is the owner of ATL Elite Education, an Australian recruitment company operating in Sydney since 2003. Tong has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of international teacher recruitment. Prior to relocating to Australia, he was the Headmaster and Operations Director for a multinational education provider in China. A trusted partner, ATL Elite Education is an authorized recruitment agent and HR Business Partner with ESL Suite since 2016.
Tong Wang
HR Business Partner
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